Do you have an internet Domain of One’s Own? What is it? Why would you want one? Would you like to try one out? What can you do with it? How do you build it?

An internet domain is a uniquely named location online, e.g. everything that EduHack manages lives at The idea of a domain also includes a web server that corresponds to the domain address. Companies and organizations have these, but they also are something for individuals to control and manage. A Domain of One’s Own is not part of commercial ad-driven platforms, and offers a space to create and present to the world whatever you want to publish. It’s more than a single web site, more than a blog.

There is much you can do as a domain owner. And it takes a bit of upfront planning and an understanding of a number of tools. But you can also experiment and build it out as you go. Using a metaphor of self-assembled plastic models, these “domain kits” provide a way to practice domain building and management. Use them for practice or a guide for assembling the actual spaces you want to construct.

This site includes 19 Kits for you to learn about and practice your domain building skills. Each kit is an activity that will provide you the instructions and materials necessary to put in your domain a blog, a wiki, a stand alone web site, a file dropbox, a photo gallery, and more.

With the practice gained in building something from the kits, you will gain the experience and confidence for customizing them to fit the needs of your own domain.

The requirements for using the Domain kits are a purchased internet domain name and a web hosting account. If you do not have these, do not worry, we offer a place you can try one at no cost for enough time to practice your skills.


Understanding a domain of one’s own

This section provides background for an understanding of internet domains as being like street addresses for places on the internet and metaphors for the variety of things your own domain might include.

Set Up

What you need to use these kits

Domain kits are built with a web hosting package from a service that offers the cPanel interface for managing a domain. If you do not have one, your first kit will help you set up an account at, a free service for learning domains.

The Kits

Suggested path through the kits

If you are new to managing a domain, this is a suggested order to work through the kits. If you already own a domain or some experience with working in one, you can pick and choose which kits are most helpful to review.