We have kits for a number of the Applications you might possibly install on your domain, but there are more than 150 available! Many are specialized, but you should explore the list just so you know what kinds are available.

The more popular applications used by educators (WordPress, Omeka, Grav, Scalar) are listed directly in cPanel under Applications, but click All Applications to see the full list.

The first collection of Featured Apps again are ones often used by educators, including several WordPress SPLOTs that we have kits for.

The next area are for Community Building Apps that include several wiki platforms and web based discussion area/forum applications. Perhaps the largest set of options are listed under Content Management Apps.

It can be a challenge to know how useful the apps are without trying them. But before doing that, it might be worth asking a question in the Newbies Corner community space to ask if anyone has experience with say PyroCMS or LifeType.

There are also apps under e-Commerce and Business that include also project management apps. In Photos and Files you can find applications for creating photo gallery sites and also private document cloud storage.  The Surveys and Statistics apps include applications for web-based surveys as well as ones for tracking your site’s statistics.

Finally you will find a collection of Miscellaneous apps, URL shorteners, RSS readers, and a few gadget type apps.

You can find more information for each app after clicking it’s icon, including features, links to the app’s website, sometimes a demo, and sometimes some examples listed under the Showcase tab.  If you decided to try the app, click the Install this application button in the top right.

The steps here are just like the ones in the Setting Up WordPress Sites kit. The most critical steps are selecting the location for where to install the app- in your main domain (e.g. gadgets.stateu.org) or a subdomain (e.g. sandbox.gadgets.stateu.org). If you realize you lack a subdomain, then follow the steps for creating a subdomain kit and return to the Application installer.

Then consider if the application will exist at the main entry of the domain/subdomain or within a directory inside.  We strongly suggest you always use the option that starts with https:// as some applications may need secure SSL and Google also one day will eventually give preference to https sites in search results.

In this example, we are installing an application inside our sandbox.gadgets.stateu.org. subdomain inside a directory named magic. Check the location the website will live at below to confirm this is the address you want for your site. For applications other than WordPress, you should also keep track of the administrative username and password fields so you can log in to set up your new application.

Once the installation is complete will will be transferred to the list of My Applications where you can find the links to see the site and also to administer it.

There might almost be too many! We will try to have kits for at least a few in each category. But as the Domain Kits site is open for anyone to contribute a new kit, we welcome sharing your experience in using these apps.

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