Even if you do not consider yourself a tinkerer or an experimenter, a good practice when running a domain is to create an area of it as a “sandbox” to try different web applications or to experiment with other kinds of web tools.

A sandbox  (Wikipedia definition) is the name used in software development for a place to try new code outside of where the public sees it.

One advantage of this is you can test features, plugins, themes, beta code in a place and not worry about breaking your more public facing sites. The web hosting platform provided by Reclaim Hosting (the providers of StateU.org)  has a very useful feature that allows you to clone or  something from your Sandbox to a different part of your domain (that’s covered in another kit).

Just as a real example, I run many WordPress development sites and other experimental things in my “lab”, such as:

This lends itself to my work because I develop and experiment with web sites. But it could also serve as a place for creating demonstration sites for other people to preview as you work on the content. In later kits, we will show you how to put an entire site or a subdirectory behind a password.

The ideal place for your web sandbox is a subdomain; refer back to the Creating Subdomains For Different Sites kit. The choice of subdomain is up to you; sandbox works or testing or dev (for development) or even lab for laboratory.

Then, you can install other web apps available from the Applications are of cpanel to run from a director inside of this subdomain. Or, you can upload web content into a subdirectory with the Cpanel File Manager as we did in the Adding a Self Contained Site with File Manager kit.

For example, in the gadgets.stateu.org demo domain, we created a subdomain sandbox.gadgets.stateu.org.  Within this area, we installed a WordPress site (eduhack-demo), a DocuWiki (gadget-wiki), a sub-directory (codepens) for some sample web design code downloaded from CodePen, and another uploaded zip file into a subdirectory (jsrecorder) with all the code needed to test a web based audio recorder library:

A sandbox can be simply a place to try things out, and keep them in one place. Just remember when using the app installer, to select your sandbox subdomain, and create a name for a subdirectory where to place the software.



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