If you do not have a domain yet for yourself and a web hosting account, you can create a temporary space to try all of the domain kit lessons at StateU (https://stateu.org/).

An actual domain of your own is a top level domain (known as TLD) like eduhack.eu or google.com– it is always “something” dot “something.” What StateU provides is an equivalent for the purposes of domain building at something.stateu.org. This will allow you to do everything you can with a top level domain, like making “subdomains” for separate sites, like blog.something.stateu.org and portfolio.something.stateu.org (you will learn how to make subdomains in a separate kit).

To create a place to practice your domain building, go to StateU and click the Get Started button.

Web site with image that looks like a university campus with sections labeled Web Literacy, Digital Identity, and Reclaim

This will take you to a login screen. You can create your account here using authentication through other web services (at this time the options are via a Google account or via Facebook).

Once you have logged in via one of these services, you are at the point where you get to enter the unique part of the domain name that belongs to you (if not done so already, see the kit for What’s In a Domain Name? ). This will be the part of your address that is _______.stateu.org — since this is not permanent, the choice is not as critical as when you select your own domain. But think about something that is relevant to you, your interests, it might be something that includes your name (but need not be).

It should be short, and a single word, no spaces.

In this example, my domain will all be about my love of gadgets:

Web form titled Choose Your Domain with a blank form field to select a domain name

Once completed you will find yourself at your dashboard, something we will be referring to often as “cpanel”. If you have never seen this before it is not much different from the Control Panel area of your desktop computer.

For domains hosted at StateU.org you can get to your cpanel via the Dashboard link in the menu. For other web hosting platforms, you will find it somewhere in the place you log into your web hosting account.

Screen shot of the cpanel interface with sections for applications, domains, files, and various icons under each

The cpanel interface from StateU.


You are certainly welcome to investigate (as kit builders often do), but you will learn your way around as you explore the other kits in this site. See below for more references/resources that explain cpanel.

From here your domain is ready to go. And if you test your new address in a web browser (like I did for http://gadgets.stateu.org/) before anything is built, you will see something like this page:

A mostly blank web page stating 'Welcome to State University! Your domain, gadgets.stateu.org, is successfully hosted and working. You can log in to your control panel to get started configuring your domain'

You can save a screenshot of this page when you share your work below as a response to this kit.

This is all you need to be ready for the rest of the kit building. You will get an email confirmation with some other details about your account.

This free StateU service is provided by Reclaim Hosting, a web hosting company that specializes in supporting educators who want to own a domain and create their own sites. This account will be active for a month and can be purely for experimentation with the kit activities. But if you build something that you really want to keep, the email message will provide details on how what you create in StateU can be moved to a domain you wish to have for your own.

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  • Understanding Cpanel (StateU)
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