This SPLOT WordPress theme has a wide range of uses, from collecting student assignment or project responses, to being a way to collect stories, and for people attending conferences to introduce themselves.

In this process of domain kit building you have learned how to set up a basic empty WordPress site and also how to build a WordPress based Calling Card site. More than a blogging platform, WordPress offers many different ways to create multipurpose web sites, the first kit that introduced them was the one for TRU Writer.

SPLOTs might mean Smallest Possible Learning Online Tool (or something else). To learn more, see, or better yet, explore a SPLOT that tries to explain SPLOTs

These are all sites that run in WordPress to do relatively small, focused tasks, and more importantly, they can use the affordances of WordPress to allow people to create/contribute content to your site without them needing to create accounts, give away personal information, or see the inside of the WordPress Dashboard. As a matter of fact, this very Domain Kit site was created using a SPLOT WordPress Theme.

You can install a new, blank WordPress site and turn it into a SPLOT. Start by deciding where in your domain you want the site (subdomain, directory, directory in a subdomain) installing a new empty wordpress site, downloading the ZIP file for the theme from the Github sites where they are shared, and following some instructions for setting up, and setting options for your SPLOTs.

For those with domains/sites hosted at Reclaim Hosting (including the trial domains at this SPLOT offers a one-click installer that installs WordPress, activates the theme, add plugins, and even loads it with starter content for you (these themes also automatically updated).

Now meet the TRU Collector SPLOT.

TRU Collector

TRU Collector provides a site for public contributed images, with options to use categories you create to organize, to require image attribution, credit, and to provide a rich text editor for more extensive writing than captions. This SPLOT has been used to have classes create resource collections, event photo sharing, workshop group reporting, class bios, and more. It can be used for doing more than image collecting, as it features a full-featured writing environment.

Some ways TRU Collector has been used include:

Installing in One Click From Reclaim Hosting/StateU (and automatic updates!)

For domains hosted at Reclaim Hosting you can install a fully functioning site with this TRU Collector (a copy of the demo site) including recommended plugins, configured settings and sample content, all done in one click. But wait, there is more!  Future updates to the theme are automatically added to your site.

In your cpanel, under Applications go to All Applications. This theme is available listed under Featured Applications; just install from there.

Note that unlike other WordPress installs, this one will not preserve your username/password, so be sure to save that information. When it’s done, log into your new site and start making it your own.

Installing TRU Collector From Scratch

Start by creating a new blank WordPress site (see this kit), The TRU Collector is a child theme based on  the free and elegant Fukasawa theme by Anders Noren. Install this theme first from within the WordPress Dashboard under Appearance — Themes and then click Add New. Search  on Radcliffe to find and install the theme. It does not need to be activated.

Next, download the TRU Collector theme as a ZIP file.

This zip can be uploaded directly to your site with the same steps as installing the Fukasawa them.  Go to Appearance — Themes and then click Add New, But this time click Upload Theme and use the TRU Collector theme saved as a .zip file. When the upload is done, click Activate.

For reference see the these instructions from the theme home to install TRU Collector.

Customizing and Managing a TRU Collector Site

You will want to review the options for this theme, available from the WordPress admin menu under TRU Collector Options (in this interface you will find a copy of all of the documentation). You will also want to create/edit menus and perhaps add WordPress footer widgets,

See the documentation for theme options as well as tips for using the WordPress Customizer to modify the collection submission form.

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