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The “kits” we provide in this web site are a range of activities for you to explore to learn hands-on how to create and manage content in a domain of your own.

The site itself is built in this environment. It exists as a subdomain called domains a separate site within main domain (there is a kit for making subdomains). It is built in WordPress, and yes, there is a kit that shows you how to install a WordPress site (or many) in your domain.

And this site also uses a specific WordPress “theme” that creates specific functionality for making sites like this as a collection of assignments, tasks, challenges, or in this case “kits”. There is a kit to learn how to make these sites too.

But what is in a kit, why this metaphor, and how to they work? Learn more…

As you think about the name for your own domain, even one just to practice with, we offer two kits for thinking about your naming:

  • What’s in a Domain Name? Things to consider before making that domain name choice. What might be your ideal domain name?
  • Interviewing Your Domain This kit is aimed at those who already have domains, but their responses are helpful to those making the decisions

StateU Kit: Creating a Domain to Practice With

If you do not have access to a web hosting package and a registered domain name, that is not a barrier to learning how to use them. We will refer you to a service called StateU that provides a free and no-obligation place for using the same tools you will have in a full web hosting service.

This is the first kit for you! In completing the kit, you will have everything needed to try the rest of them.

Community Support

The company that provides StateU and also low cost domain name/web hosting for educators, Reclaim Hosting, offers a free, online community space for anyone working at domain building.

There is no requirement for using this space, but it is a reccommended place to go to ask questions, solve problems, get advice on how to use the various tools.

A screenshot of the Newbies corner site with a welcome message at top and a long list of topic discussion threads

And you will find a Newbies Corner area specifically set up for people who are new to working with domains.

And Now, the Kits

You can just explore the Domain Kit activities, but we provide also a suggested pathway to move through them in logical order.